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About Tutor Circle
Tutor Circle was established in Hong Kong since 2014. In 2021, it already helped 15,000 students and has more than 100,000 verified tutors.

Tutor Circle has been searching for tutors through online platforms for kindergartens, primary and secondary school students, and adults customers, matching them with suitable home private tutors and tuition.
100,000+Elite tutor
29,000+Matched tuition assignments
MISSIONTo help students to overcome the academic difficulties by providing the best quality teachers and enable the tutors to grow their teaching career.
The Ai academic qualification verification system has more than 50,000 professional tutors, using artificial intelligence technology to verify the tutor's academic qualifications, background, and achievements to ensure the quality of the tutors.

Comprehensive scoring system: Every tutor is screened by the scoring system and gives top priority to recommend high-quality tutors to students; on the contrary, if a tutor has a bad record, he or she will no longer be hired and the quality of tutors is strictly screened.
MISSIONTo become the most outstanding edtech company by driving the development of edtech in Asia.
Different from traditional tutoring agency, Tutor Circle uses an automated system and also provides excellent customer service, allowing parents and students to choose freely. The automated system only takes 1 to 2 hours to complete the matching.

After entering the information and requirements, the system will be able to filter out a list of tutors with suitable backgrounds and academic qualifications. It will also include students' comments about their tutors. Students can make choices based on their personal needs, and parents and students do not need to pay any fees during the process.